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Lifetime Imitating Life? Michele Vs. Dr. Dre

Posted on October 24 2016


In the latest hip hop and pop news, the long awaited biopic of veteran hip-hop recording artist Michel'e was released on Lifetime October 16, 2016. A year after the highly successful NWA biopic "Straight Outta Compton" broke box office records, "Surviving Compton" reveals another side of the story. 

"Surviving Compton" follows the trials and tribulations of Michel'le, an up and coming recording artist in the 90's who's style had never been heard before. It takes you through her discovery by NWA, groundbreaking career at Ruthless Records, relationship with Dr. Dre, relationship with Suge Knight, drug abuse, heartbreak, and redemption. The movie differs from the NWA story by bringing things to light such as sexism in the industry, domestic abuse, and the evolution of the hip hop lifestyle in the 90's from a female perspective. 

Not without controversy, Dr. Dre has vehemently denied allegations of the level of abuse that's portrayed in the movie. in response he has launched a lawsuit against The Lifetime Movie Network for defamation of character. This raises the question about movies that claim to be "based on a true story."

Art imitates life. So when life includes drugs, sex, and violence, expression of that experience will represent. Whether it's a song, video, or movie, you stay true to the reality of the moment, enabling the audience to existentially participate in it. Like many urban films rooted in hip hop culture and based in reality: Paid in Full, King Of Paper Chasin', Surviving Compton and Straight Outta Compton; they don't sugarcoat the truth even when it hurts.


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