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Posted on September 29 2016


Kanye West has been in the lime light since 2003 as a rap star but since 2009 the eccentric self acclaimed "creative genius" has broadened his horizons into fashion. Like in his rap career the entrepreneur has rocked a few boats since the debut of his fashion line but continues to make a splash with each new season of clothing released. Kanye and his wife Kim stay relevant in fashionable apparel though Kanye's style sticks to his more Urban roots. Sneakers, pop-culture referencing T-shirts, denims, and leathers. To have your style as up to date and fresh as Kanye's you can pick up the latest in urban gear at As a testament to his own style Mr. West has collaborated with Adidas to develop his third season of sneaker the Yeezy Boost 350 V2.   

Yeezy Boosts

The widely popular shoe designed by the rap mogul have gained success through his fans and the general public alike.  The shoes have developed buzz by producing colorways that are even more limited edition than others and the Yeezy Boosts create a great demand by limiting supply. Kanye West has shown his innate ability to be creative and make his presence known no matter what industry he works in.  


The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 dropped this past weekend in a host of color differentiation. Going for around $220 if you were lucky to find them in stores, but are going for several hundreds of dollars more on the resellers market. The grey and red variation are the first to hit shelves and sold out within days. They the first of colorways that are going to be black with green soles and several other mixes to match your style.



These shoes are fashion. Different from any other shoe design on the market the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 are simple, comfortable and cool. These shoes do not have a tongue. The upper part of the shoe is one knitted piece with eyelets for laces woven into the design. The fabric is soft, flexible, and still maintains durability. The soles of the shoes are thick enough to be comfortable, but maintain a light-weight feel. Each color rendition has a band of color down the outside of the shoe that says SPLY 350. Kanye West and Adidas truly went above and beyond to produce a shoe that lives up to the Yeezy Boost's hype.

A pair Yeezy Boost 350 V2 adidas can be incorporated with some Triplebeam Certified apparel such as our Flagship or Triplebeam NYC t-shirts, joggers, or hoodies. To maintain your style check out for the latest in fashion trends and score another one for Hip Hop!

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