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Fashion: Wiz Khalifa Announces New Clothing Line

Posted on October 15 2016


News from the fashion world: Triplebeam Certified is about to get some competition from Wiz Khalifa. According to People and HipHopDX, Wiz Khalifa is about to release a new clothing line in collaboration with Junk Food Clothing, a Los Angeles-based clothing company best known for their t-shirts. 

The clothing line will be called BASH, named after and inspired by Wiz Khalifa's three-year-old son Sebastian (nicknamed Bash). The designs are inspired by Sebastian's hobbies and interests.

"I just really wanted it to feel personal to him, so when he sees it, he gets excited," the singer (and now fashion designer) said. "The fact that all of his favorite things are all over his clothes, it makes him feel special; it makes him entertained by what he’s wearing."

So far, the collection -- which will be released by Junk Food Clothing on October 15 -- has shirts, sweatshirts, accessories, and a bomber jacket. It's men's and boys' clothing at the moment; no word on word on whether Wiz Khalifa (divorced from Sebastian's mother, Amber Rose) will add female clothing later on.

Triplebeam Certified, founded by hip hop star DL Clark, offers a bit more. Triplebeam Certified has men's and women's shirts, joggers, hoodies, and will soon be offering hats and caps.

Wiz Khalifa says fashion should be "fun and comfortable." That's what he's attempting with BASH clothing: fun, comfortable, and stylish. Actor/singer/scriptwriter DL Clark (star and writer ofKing of Paper Chasin) agrees. That's why Triplebeam Certified clothes look good and feel good on your body.

BASH clothing will be available in Junk Food Clothing's store in Venice, CA, and online at Triplebeam Certified clothing line is available on-line, with free shipping on all orders over $75.

Triplebeam is not frightened by competition, and we wish Wiz Khalifa and Sebastian luck. Please don't take it personally when our t-shirts outsell yours.

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